Drop In – EZ-GO Hauler 800

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The Fairway Café Drop In is a friction fit cooler. It slips right into the EZ-GO/Cushman Hauler polybox, and the exterior wraps around.
When you are finished for the day, the box can be tilted upwards, and a single drain in the rear will drain the excess water.

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  • 4 access doors on tension adjustable hinges
  • All 4 doors have locks
  • 4 divided compartments inside
  • Tinted poly carbonate doors to help keep the sun out and the cold in
  • Holds over 300 – 12 oz cans
  • Approx. dry weight 70 lbs
Drop-In Unit 360 View

Drop-In 800

Increased dry weight 61 lbs
Total Volume 8.166 Cubic feet
Exterior Width 1/2 inch wider than factory poly box
Height No change from factory


Cold storage material
Cold storage drainage 1
Cold storage volume 61 Cubic feet
Cold storage doors 4 (2 per side)
Cold storage door material Polycarbonate
Cold storage doors locks 4
Cold storage hinges 8 Adjustable tension hinges


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