Ideas to help maximize beverage cart sales

A short guide to assist in Golf Course Profits

A few ideas some courses are using to help run an efficient and profitable beverage cart

Create a standard route

Fairway Cafe Golf courseCart personal are not always golfer. Sometimes  they do not know the front nine from the back, or where certain holes are. They have a summer job driving a beer cart. Keep that in mind, and create a standard route.

Highlight the recommended path personal should follow, complete with direction and side of fairway to drive on. Secure it onto the cart where the driver can see it.

This is extremely important from a coverage point of view for maximum sales and creating a control matrix  for management. As an example, if it takes 30 minutes to make a round on a slow day, trips can be monitored according to traffic and sales.

Always drive the cart towards the golfers, whenever possible. Have a full windshield in place to protect from errant shotsFairway Café GTX Long Roof - Toro Beverage Cart Conversion

Make sure the route is safe

On hills and turns the beverage cart turns one lane paths into two-way traffic  think about a sign stating the beverage cart has the right of way. Some of the operators are inexperienced drivers and backing up  short wheel base vehicles  can be tricky, throw  in a turn or bend backward and this could be an accident waiting to happen

Whenever possible, when two holes are playing in the same direction, have the cart drive closer the center of the two, to maximize sales and minimize distraction to golfers

Avoid driving in erratic patterns whenever possible

Have a sign in / sign out sheet  for the driver, with room for the time to be filled in, reason for time spent, an explanation line, and supervisor’s initials.

Start around break, lunch, restocking, or cleaning. It has been proven that once people are monitored and know they are being monitored, performance improves. We all want to do a good job!

drawerGive realistic goals for expected sales. Monitor sales, but make sure they are achievable

When possible, the beverage cart person should always wait for players to take their shots before approaching. Explain this to personnel before a golfer does.

The perception of having caused an extra stroke is a tough way to make a first impression in sales!

Mandatory!! A simple smile and wave at each group to acknowledge them is important.

We all want to feel a bit appreciated! This may not add a sale to the beverage cart right away, but long term, it will help the lounge, pro shop, and future rounds. Developing a relationship with customers will boost the bottom line overtime.

If possible, keep a tee sheet with the names of golfers or foursomes. An updated one can be left at the sign in area if need be.

When possible calling regulars by their own name goes a long way to assist in a sale for all departments

A sale on four beer over three at regular price can help move extra volume**

**Not all states or Provinces allow this, so check first!