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Interested in our pricing strategy?

Golf beverage carts, concession carts, and conversions are a very small niche market. As a result, we limit production runs on common parts, and our beverage/concession cart conversions are built to order. This allows us to save money on overhead and material costs. In turn, our lower production costs allow our customers to benefit from lower prices. Furthermore, our build to order production allows us to deliver products with strict high-quality control. We utilize proven local cart/utility vehicle distributors to deliver our products to you. It’s simple and convenient! If you need your Fairway Café product serviced for some reason, you can always drop by your local dealer, and they can give us a call.

High-quality products, at extremely competitive prices, delivered to you in a convenient way. – that’s what we call a win-win-win! As a testament to our methods, we currently have a 10-year-old beverage cart still in operation, with roughly 6-7 years of estimated life left in it.

First Fairway Cafe Beverage Cart Conversion
First Fairway Cafe Beverage Cart Conversion -built in 2007 and still operational

Management & STAFF

Our team is very lean, with all staff focused on quality, costs, and customer satisfaction by delivering a high-quality product on time


Being a niche manufacturer, the right tool for the job and an efficient plant space to perform the job is an absolute. Certain specialty operations are subcontracted to quality focused professionals. We also utilize a component parts system. Whenever possible we use standardized parts and components.

Marketing and Sales

Most of our beverage cart conversions are sold through established and respected dealers across the United States, The Caribbean, Canada, and the Middle East. These businesses have a sales force in place that we supply with higher quality products to sell for less money. We take advantage of the internet as a support sales tool. We do what we do best and they do what they do best, so that you, the mutual customer, can receive the best value for your money!



Something our customers know all too well is the market. Over the last decade, the North American market, especially the golf market, has been very soft and extremely competitive. Golf courses need many revenue streams to operate efficiently and profitably.

A beverage/concession cart is like a small business and needs to be operated that way to be profitable. Large business practices do not apply to small beverage cart & concession cart management. However, large businesses can profit immensely by utilizing small business practices with their concession cart or beverage cart sales team. A lot of courses put a person in the cart, drive them around the course once or twice, then let them loose. Careful selection of a personable, sales orientated person is extremely important. Make sure you invest in some training, track what they are doing, and adjust accordingly.